My Vision for Montgomery County Public Schools and Graduates:



  1. -Our children are our future.

  2. -Our school division teaches our children to be the leaders for the future.

  3. -Our teachers, administrators, and staff are the people who provide an excellent learning environment.

  4. -We need to support our students and staff to help our students embrace their full potential.

  5. -All Montgomery County high school graduates with a 2.5 GPA or better should be able to get an Associates Degree and/or Certificate from New River Community College through the ACCE program.

  6. -Encourage online certificate classes for educational programs so that much of the program work can be completed from home, while the practical education would still be on campus.


  1. -Work with and support Montgomery County Public Schools’ administration and teacher’s ideas and plans. They know what it takes to create excellent learning environments.

  2. -Work with the Montgomery County School Board to support our educational goals.

  3. -Balance SOL requirements with experiential opportunities, while integrating arts and extracurriculars.

  4. -Create a mid-term plan to compensate all employees on par with Roanoke region’s school systems.

  5. -Supplies & Technology: textbooks and supporting materials, update and pursue advancements to support our students in the 21st century.

  6. -Keep our students and employees safe by working with Sheriff’s office.

  7. -My management, process engineering, project management, and financial skills will help the Board of Supervisors bring our schools to new heights.

Sara’s father and family have been a significant influence on her outlook for public education:

- Sara’s father started as an elementary school Art Teacher.

  1. -Most of her father’s career was as the Media & Visual Arts Administrator for The State Education Department. He helped develop curricula, put on teacher and student conferences, and student summer schools (the Director of the “Ice Age” movie was one of the people who got a start with Sara’s father’s programs).

  2. -Sara’s family members who are also teachers: her brother is a Business Teacher (at Mechanicsville High School, New York), her sister-in-law is a Chemistry Teacher (at Burnt Hills-Balston Lake High School, New York), and her niece is presently an elementary school Math and English Teacher at a private school in the Boston area (she recently worked at the Plymouth Elementary School, in New Hampshire).  

Representing You and District A:

    I want to continue to Represent You. Please contact me these ways:


        Phone: (540) 632-3303


        Facebook: Sara Bohn - Supervisor - District A, Montgomery County, Virginia

        LinkedIn: Sara R. Bohn

        Instagram:  Sara for Supervisor

        Mail:     Montgomery County Government Center

                      755 Roanoke Street

                      Christiansburg, VA 24073-3181